Thoughts to share received in prayer and study of the word


I look at the marvels in Your kingdom and wonder,

why is it that anyone would choose to live in destruction?

I see the power in Your blood and ask, why is it then,

that people choose sickness, anxiety, frustration?

In this world death displays its power, but in You, life is freely ours.

I choose to live! I run to You! Jesus, You make everything new.

I look at the lives of those You have changed

and wonder, why would others not want the same?

I see the gifts You provide for Your children and ask,

can some deliberately choose ruin, emptiness and lack?

Could anyone really not want You as Father?

Of all the choices we make every day,

there is but one choice, the only true way

to find blessing, joy, abundance and safety

if we would only cry out and bow our knee

and declare that Jesus is Lord God Almighty.

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  1. Beautifully written! Well done! Congratulations on your great initial offerings, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging/briteing.

    I’m quite amazed at how similarly we “see” things, then I remember that we share blood – the blood of our fathers; the blood of our Savior!

    I know why people choose to live in destruction. For the same reason I did when I was kept “blinded and deafened” to the Truth by an enemy who constantly seeks our loss, our death, and our utter destruction. That is the one who makes sin and death look like pleasure and fun, and who hides the resulting “ruin, emptiness, and lack” until it can spring roaring at our backs, dragging us hopelessly to the ground.

    From the place I’m standing now, I don’t see why people don’t want to embrace Him as Abba – Father, especially when presented with the message of the beautiful Truth written by such a one as you. That you exist, that you write so well from a joyful, overflowing heart is a testament to our merciful, grace-giving God. He has truly gifted the world – and me – with you, and I thank Him once again!

    “Inspiredannotation” – Perfect !!!

    May God bless this, and all, of your endeavors!
    Lots of Love,
    Len “Gloryteller”

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