Thoughts to share received in prayer and study of the word


The sun slowly disappeared as the cloud came rolling in – yet not absent, only hidden by the cloud. Seemingly distant, obscure, non-existent; in reality it’s light shone through, ever present. Warmth remained and though somehow strained, undeniably and assuredly comforting security. A battle took place in that vast intense space. Vying position, a barrage of emotion, a volley of will and decision, warring, clashing, engaging in a battle, a struggle to take the playing field. They parry and sidestep, face off and meet again. Engaged now in full combat, a true tug of war, debating, resolute – so certain of truth and settled on victory. The cloud, momentarily so dark, begins to vacillate, becoming uncertain, unsure, wrestling to reclaim its place. And suddenly, the sun bursts through, ever bright, overwhelming the cloud with exuberant light. The cloud is conquered, reduced to a transparent and shapeless existence, surrendered and yielding its place. Defeated, vanquished, subdued, it dissipates; pushing its way across the horizon and out of sight, a cloud no more, only glorious light. And the prodigal comes home.

Comments on: "PRODIGAL" (1)

  1. Great stuff! More, More, More!
    Re-Shared this on my site! Two sites are better than one, cousin!
    God bless and keep you,

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