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Story and Song

I wasn’t born yesterday, and I don’t consider myself naive or ignorant in searching of truth. Yet, in this increasingly complex world, it seems that we can so easily forget or ignore the simple facts that lay right before our eyes. Is it possible, as life becomes more complicated, problems become amplified, divisive thinking abounds, and truth harder to discern, that we could be missing one of the simplest paths to peace and tranquility, a pathway that we can not only traverse on our own, but one that openly invites others to join in the journey and make that path theirs? Is there ready relief in a dystopian society?

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Here comes another gospel, need to get your life on track, get saved now, Jesus message from another delusional Christian.” If that was the purpose for my sharing the truth I re-discovered just last night, then I’d say go ahead, shut off the flow, and move on to a post you’re hoping to gain more from.

But I have a point to make, a revelation to share, that’s about a topic while relatable to spirituality, still it stands on its own merit and can change the life of anyone, no matter the philosophy or mindset.

I watched a movie last night about a man who from childhood was abused and rejected, left broken and hardened, and who walked through life numb to the pain that caused the fracture in his peace and well-being. Though he tried to push past mindsets that held him captive to failure, he was unable to break the barrier to true freedom and success. Until…

This is where you choose either fork in the road and the destination will still leave you feeling illuminated and perhaps better able to rise above any situation that is plaguing you today. Take the turn that furthers your spiritual journey and use this message as an empowering truth to validate your faith, bolster your convictions and add another layer to your foundation. Or, if you are just interested today in survival, getting out of a cycle of destruction and pain, and looking to escape the negativity and oppression, here’s a life application for you that can provide peace and consolation:

He was unable to break the barrier to true freedom and success until he learned of the power of a story and a song. As he began to share his story with others, it not only led to his own healing, but it also brought insight and broke the shackles off of others who were suffering the same pain. And when he found a song that resonated with his story, it took that healing to a deeper level and the story and the song both produced amazing results in his life, and the lives of others.

How many times in your life have you had a song change everything for you? How many stories have you read that grabbed you and carried you right along with them to a different place, a different realm, all while staying right where you are? Dive in! Let that healing power envelope you and take you captive and do its work in you! Live out your story! Sing your song!

And for those of you seeking a deeper spiritual experience, here’s something for you to think about: the whole of Scripture, the whole message of the gospel, the way, the truth and the life are all immersed and engulfed in story and song! Let the power of God’s word and the lyrics of the beautiful music that is brought to expression through imagining the possibilities of truth change you and shape your destiny! Let the story and the song become yours.

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  1. Many songs contain an uplifting story. Amazing, the grace that can be found in them!

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