Thoughts to share received in prayer and study of the word


In the dreams of a million lifetimes lie the bones of mankind; – dry, lifeless, laying stretched out in the lowest point of the valley, waiting, waiting for the one who will cry out, “Live!!” And as they hear the sound reverberating through the valley, the bones begin to shiver, to quiver, as the breath of life reaches them. They tremor; they shake, and as the shaking increases the dreams jump to life. No longer are they dry and weathered, but they are filled with life and zeal, the passion of the King and the Lord who is the Life Giver, the Breath of God. “Here am I!” they cry, “Send me!” And the One who formed them and fashioned them hears their cry and answers their plea as He calls them and assembles them, a great army, the army of God. And as they assemble, they stumble. “Are you sure it’s me?”, they ask. “I’m weak, I’m ineffectual, I’m no one.” They take a step back and falter, looking all around them at the warriors and seasoned soldiers who stand ready for battle; and the seed of a lie takes its place in their minds. “Who am I that I should go?”, they ponder. And then comes the still, small voice, on a breeze that becomes a rushing mighty wind, “Remember who you are. Remember that I chose you.; before the foundation of the world I knew you. You are accepted in the Beloved. My love never fails and My grace is sufficient for you! Charged with identity, the army gathers in unity, watchmen, seers, intercessors, worshippers and scribes. They synchronize and strategize. Empowered and encouraged, they march forth as one to fulfill the dream that was crafted in them from the beginning.

Comments on: "Bones" (1)

  1. This took my breath away
    I don’t know what to say.
    This is odd for me,
    I’ll need to return and read.

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