Thoughts to share received in prayer and study of the word


By the grace and mercy of God I have been given a second chance at life and I marvel daily at all that it has to offer. I have never felt so fulfilled, so full of joy, and so tired all at the same time. Life has been a boat load of planned spontaneity, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style. I am so grateful for the God kind of life. It’s so much more fun with Him in control. It really is all about Jesus.

My prayer is that you also could know the joy and amazing peace of knowing that you have an advocate, a friend, a guide, a champion who is standing in your corner cheering you on and defending you along your journey. There is no greater comfort than to lean on Him, no one who will listen better, and no one else who always has the right answer. I’ve experienced more joy in knowing Him than I ever thought that I could possibly know. Seeing the Lord touch people’s lives is like watching the plot of a stellar movie unfold right before your eyes. I’ve experienced so much awe in seeing His intricate tapestries weaved, the way He connects this person to that person and then yet another, and I am amazed at how He ties all those threads so perfectly! I am so thankful that He has given me eyes to see His marvelous works!

I share a quote from my husband that inspires me and moves me forward, “Remember to enjoy your journey with God, to celebrate each day-every day is a day of new growth; to say good morning Jesus, to say thank you for life, to say I love you, to give me a hug, to hug your children, to let the devil know he is defeated, to brighten someone’s day, to live today to its fullest for tomorrow-today is preparation for tomorrow; to pray, and listen for God’s instruction and encouragement and when all else is done, STAND.”

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  1. Amen to the words pouring from your pen! Keep them coming, for our Father knows who He wants to read them. He will bring them here probably without you ever knowing it except by faith.
    With love from my “cousinly” house. 🙂

    • How awesome is that?! I was just sitting here this morning praying for His direction for my next post.

      • I’m amazed, but not surprised. He is tying threads together! I sat down this morn to write about identity – Who Am I ? – and I thought of some of your words. I went to your blog to confirm that I had them right and I found your “about” column that I had missed up until today. I already mentioned you in my post! He is encouraging us both this morning!

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