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ForestA word of wisdom from my dear cousin!


At Christmastime, when I was a boy, my dad understood the relative poverty of his children, so he would give us each a small amount of money to be spent on gifts for the other family members.  What was a small amount to him was a small fortune to us, so we each happily shopped with Mom and picked out trinkets and treasures for our siblings and parents.  Wrapping the gifts was fun, but the best part was the excited anticipation we had for Christmas morning when the family would partake in what we children had built in our minds to be the Olympics of giving and receiving.  It was as good as it gets, and after all the unwrapping, and showing, and laughing, and modelling, and cheering, and thanking, we all felt richer and more blessed than we were before.  But it was Dad and Mom, I think, who…

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Chemically Independent

To all my friends and fellow bloggers. I would urge you to prayerfully consider the products you purchase and pay closer attention to their content. I was recently diagnosed with chemical allergies and since then have done much research on the chemicals we apply to our bodies and their effects. I have found a 100% natural product that I couldn’t be happier with, so much so that I now sell them. If you share the same interests, or have been searching like I did please take a look and take a moment to read my story.


I’ve discovered a truth that has been inside of me since the dawn of time without my being aware that it was there. The reality that it has always been there does not escape me now, but the awakening just recently to this heartfelt revelation has been a journey slowly made through many blind curves without really knowing the destination. I kept seeing an obscure form of it ahead of me, but my mind could not bring the clarity needed to fully comprehend what should have been so easily understood. And suddenly, a click and everything changed. My eyes opened wider to the truth and the dawning of this revelation has filled me to overflowing. Thus here it is, so clearly laid out before me and I am giddy about it, joyful, yet bewildered at how it could have possibly taken me so long to understand. And, you may ask, what is this truth? It is the crest of the hill that opens your eyes to a panorama before you that causes you to take in your breath, be still, exhale slowly and smile. It may surprise some that what to them has always been so clear has just occurred to me, and others will still say, “I don’t get it.” Nevertheless, I stand with arms wide open as the curtain is drawn, and if you will look carefully you will see as I see that – life is all about relationships. Tada!! Whoopee, you say, I’ve known all along and what’s the matter with you that you just figured that out? My response must be – I haven’t a clue. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I suddenly understand that I just don’t want to be too busy anymore. I don’t want life to be all about how much I can get done in a day or how many places I can be at once. I have revisited recently the value of time with others and building relationships with friends, family and those I love. It has become my passion and my fuel. A chat online, an evening on the porch, a call or a visit, a family day and a suddenly are all things that now cause me to be stirred and to thrive. My Nana days have become the high point of my week. Where I used to live to work, I find myself working to live. In other words, my focus has changed. Isaiah 49:17-19 in the Good News Translation (GNT) says, “Those who will rebuild you are coming soon, and those who destroyed you will leave. Look around and see what is happening! Your people are assembling—they are coming home! As surely as I am the living God, you will be proud of your people, as proud as a bride is of her jewels.”
I noticed a few leaves falling off the trees the other day and although melancholy that summer may soon fade, I’m excited to see what this next season brings.


Husband definition Old English husbonda “male head of a household,” a woman’s partner in marriage; archaic-a manager of an estate ; a manager; i.e., the “house-band,” connecting and keeping together the whole family. A man when betrothed was esteemed from that time a husband (Matt. 1:16, 20; Luke 2:5).

David, I love you so much! You are an inspiration and an awesome leader of our family. What a tremendous gift God has given to us! Happy Anniversary honey!


David Hartsook, I am so grateful for the amazing man of God, husband, father and friend that you are, and for how you serve us all the way that you do. You minister and you give in more ways than I can detail. I cannot aptly express my gratitude for the selflessness and the unwavering strength of character that you exhibit so constantly and with seemingly no effort. Man, you impress me! I love that you seek to grow, learn and change, never satisfied with one standard, but always raising the bar for yourself, and yet you remain so full of joy and excitement that each day with you is like opening another gift. I remember standing face to face with you on our wedding day as the soloist was singing and how you leaned toward me and said, “Your job from here on out is to just hang on!” As you grinned at me I thought, “Oh, dear Lord, what have I gotten myself in to?” Today, I just wanted to say thank you honey, you’re my hero, and I’m really enjoying the ride.


As we celebrate the birth of our beautiful granddaughter this week, I have been reflecting on the miraculous wonder of new birth. Seeing that beautiful, remarkable little girl enter this world made my heart surge with such overwhelming love and compassion. I was filled with awe and amazement again at the full measure of God’s love for us, and His precious gift of life. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to know that she would walk in the promise of His protection and provision for all of her existence. It only makes sense that God’s heart would surge the same way each and every time He sees someone receive that gift of new birth. It is the fulfillment of His plan for mankind, that we would all be filled with His love. Yet just as our little miss needed the help of the doctors and nurses to propel her into her destiny, so likewise are we His instruments, vessels chosen to lead soul after soul down the path toward His perfect plan for their lives. He has commissioned us to take His message of redemption and renewal to those who cry out for new life.


What a gift it is to reconnect with an old friend or a family member and find that though time has separated you, the heart connection remains. We say that we are able to “take up where we left off”, as if no time has passed. The reality is that our relationship was interrupted only by geography. There are people in your life that God has joined to you by His will and plan, and geography cannot change that. So likewise, there are times when we meet someone and form an “instant connection”. We find that we share common principles and convictions, hobbies, interests, joys and sorrows. It seems as if we have known each since before time, and in a sense we have, because again, God has joined us together. These are kindred spirits, defined as: as clan or tribe; having similar or related origin, nature or character; having similar or common qualities. Do not take these for granted, for they are a gift to be treasured and a bond to be nurtured. These are the relationships that will both give and receive, fill you and give you desire to reciprocate. These are the loves that will make your heart sing.