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I Am Yours

So I call out Your name, from the rooftops I proclaim that I am Yours…


It’s Hard To Dance Without Hearing The Music

Reblogging a word from my cousin.

It's Hard To Dance Without Hearing The Music.

A Love Story

She heard that day that he was in town, and she thought, “I’ve just got to see him! I feel like I know so much about him from what everyone has told me, and he sounds like all that I’ve dreamed of!” The only thing holding her back was that she knew when she got there that no one was going to want her around. She was looked down upon by so many, despised by others, and actually hated by even more. They would not be happy to see her. So what should she do? This, she knew, was her one chance to find out if he was THE ONE, that special man, who was just for her. Yet, she knew that he was famous, always surrounded by such a crowd of people, there was nowhere he went that his presence didn’t cause a stir. People thronged him, everyone wanting to be close, to get his attention. Getting anywhere near him would be a hard thing to do, like riding on a sea of bodies, all determined to be first in line, and aggressive in their persistence. What if she got there and couldn’t get close enough to see him? What if she did get close enough, and he totally ignored her? What if her presence there even went so far as to make him angry, or make the others angry enough to call her out? But she had to find out, she just had this feeling that this was the day, this was her time. It would be all right. It just had to be, she was desperate. She felt drawn to him and she knew that she needed him like she had never needed before, and at the same time she wondered how it was that she knew that if she’d never even met him, they’d never been introduced or even been in the same group of people before. What was she thinking? Even while this war was going on in her mind, her feet carried her to the place where he was. She was right, there were a lot of people there. She began to make her way through the crowd, taking each opportunity of a person shifting on their feet to gain ground, moving a little further ahead, weaving her way through like a thread on fabric, I’ve just got to get from beginning to end. As she got closer, all movement stopped. The people were packed so tight together, she could go no further. But wait, think! There has to be a way. Tuck in a little, stoop down, she kept striving, little by little, inching closer to him. And again, a sudden stop, no more ground to gain. But she was so close this time, she could see him, hear him, and literally FEEL him that close to her. She couldn’t let him get away without finding out. She could hardly breathe, the crowd was so closely bound together. One more try, she pressed in, stretched and worked and reached out her arm, working her way to the ground, and suddenly……SHE WAS HEALED! Luke 8:40-48


Husband definition Old English husbonda “male head of a household,” a woman’s partner in marriage; archaic-a manager of an estate ; a manager; i.e., the “house-band,” connecting and keeping together the whole family. A man when betrothed was esteemed from that time a husband (Matt. 1:16, 20; Luke 2:5).

David, I love you so much! You are an inspiration and an awesome leader of our family. What a tremendous gift God has given to us! Happy Anniversary honey!


David Hartsook, I am so grateful for the amazing man of God, husband, father and friend that you are, and for how you serve us all the way that you do. You minister and you give in more ways than I can detail. I cannot aptly express my gratitude for the selflessness and the unwavering strength of character that you exhibit so constantly and with seemingly no effort. Man, you impress me! I love that you seek to grow, learn and change, never satisfied with one standard, but always raising the bar for yourself, and yet you remain so full of joy and excitement that each day with you is like opening another gift. I remember standing face to face with you on our wedding day as the soloist was singing and how you leaned toward me and said, “Your job from here on out is to just hang on!” As you grinned at me I thought, “Oh, dear Lord, what have I gotten myself in to?” Today, I just wanted to say thank you honey, you’re my hero, and I’m really enjoying the ride.


How can I begin to say thank You for all that You have done and given? I am overwhelmed with all the ways You show that You care and that You love. Even in the moments when I am not aware, you gently remind me that yes, you are there. I learned something tonight that I’ve heard before. “In all my ways acknowledge You”, yes I already knew, but tonight it dropped in differently. Acknowledge (verb) = To admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of; To show or express recognition or realization of; To recognize the authority, validity, or claims of; To show or express appreciation or gratitude for. I heard that if I don’t acknowledge You, I deny You. Well put, and the statement makes a strong impression. I certainly don’t want to deny You, so to acknowledge You is that which I endeavor to pursue. And again, I’m thankful.


I’m so thankful! You have given me a gift, a breath of life. You awakened something that laid deep inside of me I’m sure since time began. You opened a door and in flowed a gentle breeze that brought with it refreshing and inspiration. I wasn’t aware it was there, but I felt it begin to flow. You stirred, then a word, and then yet later just a breeze. But the breeze drifted in, and fought its way through all of my reservations and hesitation. AND SUDDENLY, You gave increase, and the breeze brought with it a current that I could not hold back or capture. I was overtaken, caught up and carried along by Your will, rising, floating, cresting on the waves of Your bidding. I followed Your direction because the desire to resist had completely left me and was replaced by an urgency, a need and a desire to release what had been held back. I followed behind You, yet I felt You behind me, urging me forward, whispering in my ear, Your words becoming my words, Your breath becoming the breeze and moving me yet again. I have become enthralled with the wind, dancing on the current of Your anointing. It has become a romance, passionate and intriguing. Revelation has come, and understanding. There is still yet more. Come to me again, I pray! I yearn for Your prayer to be fulfilled, that You and I would become one, just as You and the Father are one. I in You, You in me, that You and I become we.