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I have a friend who has written a remarkable blog (and is actually approaching his 4th year wih it), that has brought me much inspiration and spiritual confirmation. His blog is Teresa of Avila turns 500.  Teresa of Avila is respected as one among the greatest writers of spiritual literature in the sixteenth century. His writing about her writing has inspired me to delve further into some of the spiritual understanding she gained on her journey with Christ.

One particular comment she made that I came across in my own research was this: “It came to me that the soul is like a castle made exclusively of diamond or some other very clear crystal. In this castle are a multitude of dwellings just as in heaven there are many mansions. If we muse on this deeply, friends, we will see that the soul of a righteous person is none other than a garden in which the Beloved takes great delight. What do you think that a place might be like that such a king- so powerful and wise, so pure and filled with all good things- would find so delightful? I myself can come up with nothing as magnificent as the beauty and amplitude of the soul.”

When she spoke about many mansions in heaven, she referred to John 14:2, “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” Over the years, bible teachers have indicated that Jesus, upon returning to heaven would prepare for us mansions of gold and jewel, magnificent dwellings that would rival no other. I’ve heard many people say with a glow of lust in their eyes that they cannot wait until they get to heaven and see what their mansion looks like and what it will have in it. How absolutely absurd I have always felt this to be, and so very selfish. Of course, our Father has bestowed every good gift upon us, but not so that we may greedily consume it, but rather that we may reflect on the glory of the giver of the gift.

However, as I read this text, I am seeing that the garden of God is not a plot of real estate as so many would surmise, but rather the garden where God walks with us and “dwells” with us, is our very soul. His going to prepare a place for us simply meant that He was preparing for His crucifixion and resurrection, which would redeem our souls and provide for us eternal life with the Beloved.

This understanding then takes me back to the many mansions. What does that mean exactly and how does it apply?

Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines mansions as such:

MAN’SION, noun [Latin mansio, from maneo, to dwell.]

1. Any place of residence; a house; a habitation. “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” John 14:2.  2. The house of the Lord of a manor.  3. Residence; above.

AND MAN’SION, verb intransitive To dwell; to reside.

I see my soul as being the house of the Lord or the place where we dwell and reside together. And in His house are many dwelling places (souls).

Teresa also said, “We have heard that we have souls, and our faith compels us to believe that is true. But we rarely consider the soul’s excellent qualities or who it is that dwells within or how precious that really is.” She goes on to explain that people become so involved in worldly matters that they are incapable of entering within themselves, so used to dealing with the worldly evils that they can find no remedy for them, even though they are naturally endowed with the ability to commune with the Beloved Himself at any time.

She fully believed, and I agree, that the doorway to that garden, where our Beloved dwells is prayer and meditation (reflection, contemplation). We have access to that place of refuge and peace, love and acceptance, wisdom and counsel in any moment of every day. We have a living God, who is waiting to walk with us in the garden and answer our every thought or need. And all we need to do is open the door….


Sources: ; The Interior Castle Translation and Introduction by Mirabai Starr





Insight from 1965

Very sobering. How little did he know how his words would ring true.

Paul Harvey 1965

Chemically Independent

To all my friends and fellow bloggers. I would urge you to prayerfully consider the products you purchase and pay closer attention to their content. I was recently diagnosed with chemical allergies and since then have done much research on the chemicals we apply to our bodies and their effects. I have found a 100% natural product that I couldn’t be happier with, so much so that I now sell them. If you share the same interests, or have been searching like I did please take a look and take a moment to read my story.


Wow, I have to share another one! This one has been speaking to me so much lately!


He’s always there for you…


How can I begin to say thank You for all that You have done and given? I am overwhelmed with all the ways You show that You care and that You love. Even in the moments when I am not aware, you gently remind me that yes, you are there. I learned something tonight that I’ve heard before. “In all my ways acknowledge You”, yes I already knew, but tonight it dropped in differently. Acknowledge (verb) = To admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of; To show or express recognition or realization of; To recognize the authority, validity, or claims of; To show or express appreciation or gratitude for. I heard that if I don’t acknowledge You, I deny You. Well put, and the statement makes a strong impression. I certainly don’t want to deny You, so to acknowledge You is that which I endeavor to pursue. And again, I’m thankful.


Cap·ti·vate  verb (used with object), To attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence.

What more can I say?


As we celebrate the birth of our beautiful granddaughter this week, I have been reflecting on the miraculous wonder of new birth. Seeing that beautiful, remarkable little girl enter this world made my heart surge with such overwhelming love and compassion. I was filled with awe and amazement again at the full measure of God’s love for us, and His precious gift of life. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to know that she would walk in the promise of His protection and provision for all of her existence. It only makes sense that God’s heart would surge the same way each and every time He sees someone receive that gift of new birth. It is the fulfillment of His plan for mankind, that we would all be filled with His love. Yet just as our little miss needed the help of the doctors and nurses to propel her into her destiny, so likewise are we His instruments, vessels chosen to lead soul after soul down the path toward His perfect plan for their lives. He has commissioned us to take His message of redemption and renewal to those who cry out for new life.

My Definition Of It

Sharing from a fellow blogger regarding the definition of success. Very well written!

Day (126) – My Definition Of It.


Psalm 91:4 “He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”